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Explosions create ghost blocks on servers at high coordinates


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    • 22w42a
    • 1.19.2
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    • Server, win 10, java 17
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      The Bug

      When on a server at high coordinates, explosions from e.g. creepers or tnt will create ghost blocks.

      This cannot be reproduced in singleplayer.

      I know this bug exists at least since 1.16.5 and is especially annoying when you make some survival minigame that requires random spawnpoints and features creepers.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Start a local server
      2. Connect to it and op yourself
      3. Run /tp 20000000 ~ 20000000
      4. Enter creative mode to avoid killing yourself
      5. Run /summon tnt above some dirt, repeat in a few locations

      Observed Behavior

      Ghost blocks appear towards the positive coordinates (either positive x or positive z, depending on your exact location)

      Expected Behavior

      The server should update the client correctly.

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