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Cured villager cannot work anymore.


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      I've noticed that after i cured some of my villagers who already had a profession, they won't work at their workstations anymore. For some reason they go and claim the most recent station i place, even if dosen't match their profession.

      I've tried:

      1. Breaking their workstation and making them claim again;
      2. Only have their workstations available for claiming;
      3. Leave them in a place they can easily access.

      How to reproduce the bug:

      1. Make a unnemployed villager claim a profession
      2. Trade with them to lock their profession
      3. Turn them into a zombie villager, and cure them after.
      4. Place a diferent workstation (blast furnance, composter, etc.)
      5. Observe how the villager won't work anymore, and will only claim other workstations.

      Note: Quitting the game, coming back, and re-placing their workstation seems to be a fix, althogh, making the process above again seems to make the bug return.

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