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Goat not shown in Extended Death Message


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      When taking damage to a mob and then dying in a certain way, an extended death message appears (e.g: "<player> tried to swim in lava whilst trying to escape <mob>"). However, this doesn't happen with the goat.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1) Summon multiple goats and wait for their attack in survival mode

      2) As soon as taking the damage from the goat, immediately place down a lava bucket below you

      3) When you die, you will notice that the death message will not include the goat

      Observed Result:
      "<player> tried to swim in lava"

      Expected Result:
      "<player> tried to swim in lava to escape Goat"
      When using the steps to reproduce with any other mob, the above message appears (with their name)

      Other Notes:
      This also occurs with any extended death message including the goat like below:
      "<player> hit the ground too hard" occurs instead of "<player> hit the ground too hard whilst trying to escape Goat"

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