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Cured Villager trades are not refreshing


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      Steps to reproduce:

      PART I:

      First I spawned in a Villager, made hima cozy little ... house, and put a lectern in front of him, which resulted in the following Brain data:

      {memories: {"minecraft:last_worked_at_poi": {value: 2305L}, "minecraft:job_site": {value: {pos: [I; -232, 128, 110], dimension: "minecraft:overworld"}}}}

      then I traded with him and waited around a bit for him to do his work routine which resulted in the following:

      {memories: {"minecraft:last_worked_at_poi": {value: 19582L}, "minecraft:job_site": {value: {pos: [I; -232, 128, 110], dimension: "minecraft:overworld"}}}

      then a zombie "snuck" in to my little "house" (totally on accident), and I converted the poor fella into a villager again after he was inevitably munched on by the zombie.

      and I do understand that that must have messed with his Brain quite a bit, but he lost all information in there resulting in the following

      {memories: {}}

      so he lost his job_site and all other valuable information, but I decided to just give him a new lectern (so he had two for the moment), which he cheerfully accepted by emitting green particles, a check on the data of him did reveal that there was nothing in Brain still (no change to above)

      I then tried breaking and placing the workstation a couple times, which was acknowledged by green particles every time, but still his Brain showed signs of his previous affliction, and would not register the job_site again.

      I also waited for a couple ingame days, sleeping through some nights, not sleeping through others without any luck of him realizing he's standing right infront of a suitable workstation.

      I then tried placing other workstations, namely a composter and a grindstone, which was greeted by the same green particles emitted before.

      This behaviour is not only frustrating but also it doesn't make much sense to me, that the villager would act this way.

      PART II:

      I then proceeded to add all other possible workstations, which were ALL acknowledged by our Librarian friend.

      Guessing they would all be locked to the Librarian now I added two more villagers, without profession so he wouldn't be too lonely, and as I expected they weren't able to pick any of the 14 job sites available to them now (2 lecterns and 1 of each other type)

      only after breaking and replacing the composter for example was one of the professionless villagers able to pick it up as his own.

      Possibly useful information:

      The workstations in Part 1 were always adjecent to the villager on foot level, so there should be no issue with pathfinding.

      The Villager always stood on the same block for the entire process of Part 1.

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