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Equipping a player head, skull or carved pumpkin displays the generic "Gear equips" subtitle


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      The bug

      Objects which can be equipped in armor slots will play sounds and show subtitles when this happens. The majority of these cases have specially tailored subtitles to fit the material of the object in question, however heads and carved pumpkins point to the generic equipping sound event, which results in the unintuitive "Gear equips" subtitle being displayed.

      As death by falling from certain climbable blocks using a generic death message was considered a bug (MC-173484, MC-173485, and hopefully MC-219892), and the death message from falling stalactites was changed in 20w49a to also not use the generic falling block death message, I am led to believe that the current subtitle behaviour here is also a bug.

      How to reproduce

      1. Equip any piece of armor, or elytra
      2. Equip a head or carved pumpkin

      Expected results

      The armor/elytra and head/carved pumpkin would display a subtitle indicating what is being equipped.

      Actual results

      The armor/elytra equipping shows subtitles which indicate what is being equipped, however equipping a head or a carved pumpkin just gives the vague "Gear equips".

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