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Wardens can spawn on any non-full block, as long as it's solid


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    • 22w19a
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      Due to spawning changes for the warden and iron golem in 22w19a, wardens are now able to spawn on any non full block such as end rods, open trapdoors, conduits or even on top of ladders, which doesn't seem to be intended. It also doesn't visually make sense as it emerges.

      Expected behavior

      Wardens wouldn't be able to spawn on these blocks.

      Observed behavior

      Wardens spawn on practically everything that is solid.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place a shrieker high in the air, with "can_summon" set to true.
      2. Place a small area of end rods around the shrieker.
      3. Trigger the shrieker until the warden spawns.

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