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Mesa Mineshafts no longer generate with /place command outside of badlands biomes despite saying the structure has been generated successfully


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      The game states the structure has been generated, but no blocks have been placed. This is different from 22w18a where the mineshaft does generate with blocks in other biomes.

      Observed Behavior:
      The game states "Generated structure at ~ ~ ~" but no stone has been carved through nor have any mineshaft blocks been placed.

      Expected Behavior:
      Either the mineshaft generates in other biomes by carving through stone and generating dark oak plank blocks, or the game states "failed to generate structure."

      How to reproduce:
      1. Load any world in 22w19a in creative mode.
      2. Travel to any biome that is not part of the badlands family.
      3. Attempt to generate a Mesa Mineshaft using the /place command.

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