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Warden won't spawn when a sculk Shrieker is on top of a tower of carpets


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      I tried placing a bunch of carpets on top of each other and then I put a shrieker on top of one carpet ("can_summon" block state is set to "true" via debug stick) 

      What I expected to happen was...:
      A warden would emerge after 3 shrieks

      What actually happened was...:
      The warden did not spawn, instead played the "warden takes notice angrily" sound after shrieking.

      Steps to Reproduce:{}

      1. Make sure the game rule "doWardenSpawning" is set to "true"
      2. Put a tower of carpets down (like so in my screenshot)
      3. Place a sculk shrieker
      4. Use the debug stick to change the "can_summon" block state to "true"
      5. Make the shrieker shriek 3 times, then step on the shrieker again
      6. Listen for the "warden takes notice angrily" sound.

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