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The game crashes when loading chunks that consist of jigsaw blocks


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    • 22w19a
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      The Bug:

      The game crashes when loading chunks that consist of jigsaw blocks.

      A crash report regarding this has been attached and can be found below.

      Stack Trace:

      Description: Unexpected error
      aa: Non [a-z0-9_.-] character in namespace of location: ResourceKey[minecraft:worldgen/template_pool / minecraft:empty]
          at zy.<init>(SourceFile:38)
          at zy.<init>(SourceFile:46)
          at csc.a(SourceFile:122)
          at esf.a(SourceFile:1083)
          at java.base/java.util.Optional.ifPresent(Optional.java:178)
          at esf.a(SourceFile:1080)
          at ss.a(SourceFile:49)
          at ss.a(SourceFile:14)
          at sj.a(SourceFile:22)
          at axe.d(SourceFile:157)
          at axi.d(SourceFile:23)
          at axe.x(SourceFile:131)
          at axe.bn(SourceFile:116)
          at edr.f(SourceFile:1076)
          at edr.e(SourceFile:728)
          at net.minecraft.client.main.Main.main(SourceFile:237)

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Launch an instance of 22w18a.
      • Place down a jigsaw block and wait a couple of seconds.
      • Take note as to whether or not the game crashes.

      Observed Behavior:

      The game crashes.

      Expected Behavior:

      The game would not crash.

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