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Wardens prioritize player attacks over mob attacks


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      The bug

      If a mob attacks the warden, and then another mob attacks the same warden, the warden will still be focused on the first mob that attacked it. However, if a mob attacks the warden, and then the player attacks that same warden, the warden will change to target the player, which is inconsistent.

      How to reproduce

      1. Create a setup with two pillagers and one warden, such that the pillagers can be made to shoot the warden depending on the player's position
      2. Move such that one pillager shoots the warden
      3. Have the other pillager shoot the warden before it kills the first one
      4. Now repeat this experiment, but with only one pillager
      5. Have the pillager shoot the warden
      6. Wait a few seconds, and then throw an egg at the warden

      Expected results

      Since the warden didn't immediately change targets to the second pillager after being shot by the first, the same would also apply to players.

      Actual results

      Apparently the player throwing an egg at the warden is of a higher priority to it than it being shot with sharp, dangerous arrows.

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