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Standing on top of soul sand or mud that converts to sculk will cause entities to fall through it


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      The bug

      If an entity is standing on soul sand or mud, and this soul sand/mud block is converted to a sculk block by a sculk catalyst, any entity standing on a converted block will fall through it.

      How to reproduce

      1. Create a platform of soul sand
      2. Place a sculk catalyst on this platform
      3. Surround the catalyst with armor stands
      4. Kill a mob near the catalyst

      Expected results

      Any armor stands atop converted blocks would be pushed upwards slightly as to accommodate the new block's hitbox.

      Actual results

      Any such armor stands clip inside of the block and fall.

      Further notes

      While fixing this, I'd recommend also testing this with data packs so that other blocks with non-full-cube hitboxes (e.g. farmland, grass path, slabs) are also fixed if added to the sculk convertibility tag.

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