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Wardens ignore /kill execution whilst they're emerging or digging


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      Related but not the same issue as MC-249425. Warden mobs can't be killed when executing /kill on them while they're doing their emerge/dig animation, until the warden has fully emerged. In the chat, command feedback says "Killed Warden" even though the entity remains alive.

      You can kill any entity with this command, so wardens overriding this doesn't seem intended to me.

      Expected Result
      Executing /kill on warden entities while emerging or digging would kill them.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place a shrieker with "can_summon" set to true.
      2. Activate the shrieker enough times to summon the warden.
      3. While the warden emerges, execute /kill @e[type=minecraft:warden]
      4. The warden doesn't die, even though "Killed Warden" prints on chat.

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