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Standing on top of mud as it converts to clay causes the player to fall through or be pushed out of the block


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    • 1.19 Pre-release 5
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      Relates to MC-120611

      The bug

      If the player (or probably any other entity) is standing on top of a mud block as soon as that mud block becomes clay via the dripstone mechanic, the player will fall into the clay block. If there are no blocks around that clay block, this can additionally cause them to be pushed out of it sideways.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place mud
      2. Place a block below the mud
      3. Place a stalactite below the block
      4. Stand on the mud
      5. Wait or set randomTickSpeed to a high value

      Expected results

      As the mud converts to clay, the player would be moved upwards slightly to accommodate the clay block's hitbox, as is done for farmland that becomes dirt.

      Actual results

      The player is not moved upwards and falls into the clay as a result.

      Code analysis

      Code analysis by Avoma can be found in this comment.

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