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Server hangs and game stops responding when loading a chunk containing a structure with an allay


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      When I teleported a few thousand blocks away all chunks stopped loading and using the F3 menu works and gamemode switcher ui and other ui's open up but do nothing. The F3 menu is stuck showing the internal server tick at 18ms and is not allowing chunks to keep loading in. Reloading chunks does not fix this. When the server hangs, commands, etc do not work. Sometimes, 2-8 chunks will load in if you are not inside of the structure that contains allays naturally generated. If you go to save your world while the chunks won't load, you will not be able to save your world and have to force crash the game (No data will be saved if you do this). Summoning an allay using "/summon allay" does not cause this issue. Going to a woodland mansion without any naturally generated allays will not cause this issue. Only structures with naturally generated allays can cause this issue.

      Code analysis

      Code analysis by apple502j can be found in this comment.

      Important parts are marked by a star (⭐)

      How to reproduce:

      1) Teleport to a far away structure such as woodland mansion, pillager outpost, or any other structure that may contain naturally generated allays

      2) Look at the chunks near you, are they loading in?

      3a) If they aren't loading in, reload chunks using F3 + A, do they load in now?

      3b) If they don't load in, you may not have teleported close enough to the woodland mansion, or outpost, try teleporting closer

      4a) If they didn't load in now, you have successfully reproduced this bug

      ⭐4b) If they didn't load in, you are probably on the wrong version of minecraft (Make sure your version is 22w13a, it is likely to have been patched in future snapshots)⭐

      5) To exit if this happens;

          DO NOT USE F3 + C AS IT DOES NOT WORK!!! ALT F4 DOES NOT WORK AS WELL!!! (If in the "Saving World" screen)

          On Windows: Open task manager, and end the task called "OpenJDK Platform binary"

          On Linux: Open the terminal and kill the OpenJDK process using "kill <process id>", you can use the killall command in the terminal as well, xkill or System Monitor should also be capable

          On MacOS: In the application press and hold Command + Option + Shift, press Esc, Confirm force quit (may not ask for confirmation for some apps)

      "a" and "b" steps are specific to certain conditions and only follow that path if those conditions are met, if new conditions are discovered, comment and I will update the instructions⭐

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