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Incorrect activation of warden's sniffing animations and behavior


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      Sometimes, wardens can be seen playing its sniffing animation, while not playing its related sound or exhibiting any of its sniffing behaviors. This occurs once the warden has completed a path towards a vibration source and begins idle movement.

      Additionally, if the warden notices a distraction between this point and the next time it attempts to sniff a target, it will immediately play the sniffing sound and behavior.

      This would appear to be the result of the memory "minecraft:is_sniffing" being inappropriately set when the warden begins its idle movement (note the boss bars in the attached video).

      Reproduction Steps:

      1. Load up a new creative world
      2. Summon a warden
      3. Grab a stack of snowballs
      4. Switch to survival mode
      5. Throw a snowball
      6. Examine the warden's behavior as it reaches the source of a vibration
      7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 as needed

      Expected Result:

      The warden should begin idle movement without activating the sniffing animation.

      Observed Result:

      When the warden begins its idle movement, the sniff animation plays, and the memory "minecraft:is_sniffing" is added to the warden's memory data.


      • Video observing the behavior, with boss bars representing the Warden's nbt data located in Brain.memories (warden_sniff_behavior_3.mp4)

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