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Breaking a minecart with chest/furnace/TNT/hopper separates the minecart and the block it contains


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    • 22w13a
    • 1.18.2, 22w12a
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      Breaking a minecart containing a block drops separate items for the minecart and the block (i.e. breaking a chest minecart drops a minecart and a chest, not a single minecart with chest item).

      While this behavior is certainly not a bug (it has always worked like this), but it is inconsistent with how chest boats work (MC-249379 - working as intended).

      How to reproduce
      1. Place a minecart with chest.
      2. Break it.

      Expected result
      A minecart with chest item is dropped, given the resolution of MC-249379.

      Observed result
      A minecart and a chest are dropped separately.

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