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"Not a string" appears in log when serializing angered Warden


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    • 22w14a
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      When an angered Warden is serialized, "Not a string" appears as an error message in the chat.

      To Reproduce

      1. Use spawn eggs to spawn a Warden and a couple of Zoglins.
      2. When they start to fight, trigger the serialization of Warden by saving the world, pausing the game, or using the /data get command
        • -> "Not a string" appears in the log. If you use the /data get command, you will find that there's no anger field in the data.
      3. When all the Zoglins are killed, trigger the serialization again
        • -> The message does not appear. If you use the /data get command, you will find that the anger field is correctly serialized.

      Code Analysis

      Code analysis by SPGoding can be found in this comment.

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