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Map color for frogspawn is blue, regardless of whether or not it is above a full water block


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      The bug

      The color of frogspawn on a map is blue, regardless of the block beneath. Based on the resolution of MC-249199, being able to place frogspawn in a position in which it is not directly above a full water block is intentional; therefore, the color of frogspawn on the map should not always be blue.
      One would expect the map color of frogspawn either to match the map color of the block below the frogspawn (have the frogspawn not appear on the map), or to have the map color appear brownish (to match the color of the frogspawn texture).

      How to reproduce

      1. Obtain and fill a map
      2. Fill an area with waterlogged oak slabs (top half)
      3. Place frogspawn above the oak slabs
        The frogspawn appears blue on the map, even though no water is visible from the top

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