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Rabbits ignore the "MoreCarrotTicks" value, causing them to always try to eat carrots


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    • 22w42a
    • 1.18.2, 22w11a, 22w18a
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      When a rabbit pathfinds to a carrot block and consumes it, the MoreCarrotTicks value is set to 40 ticks.

      It seems the intended behavior is that once until this value is 0 the rabbit will not be able to eat any carrots. However, because of a bug, the result is ignored.

      Looking at Rabbit$RaidGardenGoal#canUse:

              public boolean canUse() {
                  if (this.nextStartTick <= 0) {
                      if (!this.rabbit.level.getGameRules().getBoolean(GameRules.RULE_MOBGRIEFING)) {
                          return false;
                      this.canRaid = false;
                      this.wantsToRaid = this.rabbit.wantsMoreFood(); // If ticks == 0
                      this.wantsToRaid = true;
                  return super.canUse();

      The result of wantsMoreFood is ignored and overridden by true.

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