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Tadpoles are not tempted by slime balls


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      The Bug:

      Tadpoles are not tempted by slime balls.

      Slime balls can be used to feed tadpoles which increases their "Age" NBT value, allowing them to convert into frogs faster, so it seems rather strange that they don't follow (aren't tempted by) players holding slime balls. Other "baby" entities such as cows and sheep are tempted when players hold their favorite food, therefore introducing an inconsistency.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      • Summon a tadpole within some water and obtain a slime ball.
      • Hold the slime ball in your hand and approach the tadpole.
      • Observe the tadpole's behavior for around twenty seconds.
      • Take note as to whether or not tadpoles are tempted by slime balls.

      Observed Behavior:

      Tadpoles are not tempted by slime balls.

      Expected Behavior:

      Tadpoles would be tempted by slime balls.

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