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Unexpected culling of inner sculk shrieker faces


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      The resource pack attached offers a complete fix for this issue. Mojang have my full permission to (and are encouraged to) replace the affected vanilla model files with the contents of the resource pack.

      Download resource pack:

      The bug

      The western bony structures extending from sculk shriekers have their side faces culled by blocks opposite from them.

      How to reproduce

      1. Place a sculk shrieker
      2. Place a solid block to its east

      Expected results

      The tooth structures would not have any of their faces culled.

      Actual results

      They do.

      How to fix

      I've attached a resource pack that fixes this issue as well as MC-249097 by adding needed and removing unwanted cullface arguments where necessary from the sculk shrieker template model. This resource pack also cleans up the sculk shrieker model's code by introducing spacing and namespacing more consistent with other model files, ultimately reducing the file size considerably as well. As such, I'd recommend using this model file directly to fix these issues than attempting to fix both issues manually for quickness's sake as well as in the interests of readability.

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