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Some custom dimensions settings can cause the game to stop running, but not crash


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      Some dimension settings inexplicably cause the game to stop running after a few chunks are loaded. This occurs even with Overworld noise_settings and no custom biomes/features. The exact cause is unknown, but when it occurs, the game stops generating new chunks, block updates, mob AI, etc. All the symptoms of a crash, except the game never actually crashes and produces no error report, requiring the program to be force-stopped.

      Steps to recreate:

      1. Download the attached data pack and load it into a new world.
      2. Use /execute in nitdim:tempest run tp ~ 120 ~
      3. Wait a few moments for some chunks to generate. Use Alt+F3 and watch the lower-right graph stop, indicating that the game is no longer ticking or generating.

      Despite no clear differences between the Tempest and the other three included dimensions, and as mentioned above, even if the noise settings are replaced with the Overworld's default noise settings and/or the biome list in the Tempest's dimension file is replaced with a vanilla Minecraft biome, the game will always stop running, but never crash, after loading a few chunks in the Tempest.

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