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Music discs play over background music, unlike Bedrock Edition


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      When any disc is played in a jukebox, the background music keeps going. It just really makes the song horrible. And yes, I looked and saw that the parent report is Working as Intended. That just doesn’t make any sense at all. Is it that hard to just stop the background music when you are in the vicinity of a playing jukebox? We want to listen to one song at a time, not two at a time. 


      Steps to reproduce:

      Step 1: Make sure music isn’t at 0% volume

      Step 2: wait until background music plays

      Step 3: play any disc in a jukebox

      Results: disc and background music play at the same time, making the song horrible and a bunch of chaos

      Expected results: disc will play by its self, without any other music playing with it

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