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Teleporting below level 0 from the overworld to another dimension freezes the game on the loading screen until player dies


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      The Bug:
      When I try to teleport below level 0 from the overworld to another dimension, it freezes on the "Loading terrain..." screen.
      It resets if the player dies (in survival or creative because it falls into the void).

      What I expected to happen was...:
      the "Loading terrain..." screen would go away after a few seconds.

      What actually happened was...:
      the "Loading terrain..." screen never goes away, unless the player dies.

      Steps to Reproduce: MC-248189.mp4

      • Go to spectator mode.
        /gamemode spectator
      • Teleport below level 0 to the Nether or The End:
        /execute in minecraft:the_nether run tp @s ~ -1 ~
        /execute in minecraft:the_end run tp @s ~ -1 ~

          You will notice that the "Loading terrain..." screen never goes away.

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