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Falling blocks desync, not being removed clientside


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    • 1.18.1
    • Game Version: 1.18.1 (Vanilla)
      JVM: Java 17 (builtin)
      Host OS: Windows 10
      Host Arch: x86-64
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      Falling blocks (and perhaps other entities) are not being removed clientside when they die.

      This seems to happen repeatably when the chunks unload and seems to also happen when there are many falling blocks landing/dying, in the latter case they become invisible and only have a shadow below them. They do however, still have a boundingbox.


      By using the kill command you see in the attached video that the server doesn't seem to know about them. Reconnecting to the world/server reveals that there are indeed no falling blocks. Walking far away and allowing the chunks to unload doesn't seem to cause them to disappear, making me think that this is for sure a desync issue and the server for some reason never told the client to remove the entities.


      Video Demonstration:


      Command Used:

      `/summon falling_block ~ ~2 ~ {BlockState




      This causes a lot of lag when this happens with many blocks.

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