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Complete Packet Loss in Singleplayer on Entering Chunk


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      In a singleplayer world, entering a specific chunk appears to trigger a complete loss of packets received, with an accompanying loss of in-game functions (fire spread ticks updating, taking damage, water spreading, blocks dropping when broken, etc.). Packet loss affects entire world even when exiting chunk, and clicking "Save and Exit" results in an indefinite "Saving World" screen requiring a force-exit.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Load save from Google Drive link below ("Dazaerys (bug).zip")
      2. Open debug screen (F3) 
      3. Walk forward until within Chunk -50 4 117 (coordinates roughly -800 77 1890)
      4. Observe drop in rx (received packets) to zero
      5. Attempt to break blocks, jump in lava, drown, etc.
      6. Click "Save and Exit" to observe freeze.

      See video in Drive folder for real-time tracking of the change in packets received.

      Link to Supporting Files:

      Supporting files too large to attach, so please use [this google drive link|https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nOjnwrjBMtc6rerzqAiK9vcALfA6ndG_?usp=sharing,] where you will find:

      1. A copy of the save file
      2. A short screen cap video of steps 1-4 showing the drop in rx


      • World seed is -4602339216167891450
      • World was generated in 1.17 and updated to 1.18
      • The chunk where the bug occurs is in a part of the world that was not explored until after the 1.18 update
      • This bug has not occurred in any other chunks
      • Before proceeding into bugged chunk, a fire can be observed spreading from a lava pit (roughly -716 70 1951, mostly within chunk -45 4 122); 
      • This fire will typically burn out but remain indefinitely on one block, even before movement into the chunk which causes the packet loss 

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