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Specific Chunks Reset Each Time World is Loaded


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      Playing a world created in 21w44a that I converted to 1.18 pre-release 1. One of the chunks in my village resets every time I reload the world. No other chunks seems to be affected as of yet and this only happened since upgrading to the 1.18 pre-release. Attached are screenshots of this happening, with debug screen up. Additionally, every time I load the world while standing in that chunk, I fall through the world for a second before the ground loads in, whereas this doesn't happen anywhere else in the world.

      Seed is -83273113063622936, coordinates are in screenshot.

      Here's a link to a video I took of this happening, uploaded on google drive. If this isn't allowed I can remove it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_u0ToUo6fiH2TR3FXIGgSpE1ru1YNfOP/view?usp=sharing

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