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Portals no longer load chunks as non entity processing


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    • 21w44a
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      Observed behaviour:

      In 21w44a

      As shown in picture1 i buld a portal chunkloader(a contraption that loads chunks without player by passing entity through nether portal from overworld to nether and back), glass squares are aligned to chunk grid

      Then i built redstone processing detectors and entity processing detectors in chunks A and B

      While I as a player load both chunks, they are both detected as entity and redsone processing

      But if I teleport away, that area is loaded only by portal loader, as shown in picture2 chunk A is detected as both entity and redsone processing and chunk B is detected as neither entity nor redstone processing

      Expected behaviour:

      Chunk B should process redstone but not entities as it does in 1.16 and 1.17

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