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"Allow Server Listings" option doesn't save its last setting


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      The bug

      This new option doesn't have its own line in options.txt. The "Allow Server Listings" option is reset to ON each time you restart the game instead of remembering that it was previously set to OFF.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Start a clean game, click "Options", then come back to title screen immediately.
      2. Copy the generated options.txt.
      3. Change "Allow Server Listings" from ON (default) to OFF, then come back to the title screen; the options.txt file should be modified now.
      4. Restart the game and see if the option is ON or OFF.

      Observed results

      1. The two options.txt files are identical.
      2. In game, the status of the option is reset to ON.

      Expected results

      1. The two options.txt files should have a difference on the corresponding line.
      2. In game, the status of the option should be OFF.

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