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Axolotls aren't able to spawn at all in lush caves (recurrence of MC-218701)


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      Note: This is not a duplicate of MC-236767 because that bug report is about axolotls having 1.17 spawn rules that make them rarely spawn.
      In 21w40a axolotls aren't able to spawn at all just like in MC-218701, this is probably caused by something in the spawning changes introduced in 21w40a: "Axolotls now only spawn in water, above clay blocks, in lush caves"
      Expected behaviour:
      Axolotls would spawn in water in lush caves in water
      Observed behaviour:
      Axsolotls aren't able to spawn at all
      To reproduce:
      Create a single biome lush caves world
      Fly around the caves
      Try to use any command that would affect @e[type=minecraft:axolotl]
      You will find that it will respond with "No entity was found" every time

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