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Rain appears in savanna biome when it is not suppose to


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    • 21w37a
    • Windows 10 Version 21H1 Build 19043.1237 64 bit
      Java 16.0.1 64 bit
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      My World Seed (From Screenshots/Video): 5328168295047794209

      1. Generate new world in 21w37a with default world settings (only thing changed was cheats enabled)
      2. Let it rain naturally or use command "/weather rain"
      3. Located and travel to a savanna biome
        • Coordinates of where I encountered the bug (using the above seed):
        • 517, 72, -475 (savanna and savanna_plateau, rain not working properly)
        • 1804, 73,-1997 (rain working semi-properly)
        • 505, 67, -2005 (shattered_savanna, rain working properly)

      Observed Issue

      The visual effects of rain appears when in the savanna and savanna_plateau. The rain is still visible when it shouldn't be.

      Some areas have rain working properly, but still have patches and areas of silent rain.

      Expected Results

      The savanna is one of the few biomes in Minecraft that doesn't have rain. While in the biome, there should be no visible rain and no sounds of rain. The sky should still be darkened.

      The shattered_savanna I visited seems to be working properly (as in there is no rain nor sounds). I could not locate a shattered_savanna_plateau to test that biome.

      Video Notes

      In the video attached, I move between a river biome and savanna biome. The sound of rain is gone when in the savanna, but the rain is still visible.

      Note: the two villager houses in the beginning of the video are within the river biome but the rest of the village has the bugged rain.

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