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Biome savanna_plateau can still generate on the overworld


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      Since the start of the experimental 1.18 snapshots, some biome variants were removed from generation due to biome placement being now independent of terrain. This includes hills/plateau variants of deserts, forests, badlands, taigas, jungles, etc.

      However, savanna plateau biomes can still generate despite being identical to savanna biomes, only exception being llamas not spawning on regular savannas (which they do in bedrock edition). This also could be messing up with biome placement.

      This biome was initially removed on the first experimental snapshot, but then was re-added on the second one, even though this was never mentioned in the patch notes.

      How to reproduce

      1. Create a world.
      2. /locatebiome savanna_plateau
      3. You will find this biome, not different from regular savannas.

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