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Terracotta still uses the pre-1.12 color scheme



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      Closely relates to MC-161716, which likely has a similar root cause (colored stuff being excluded in early Texture Update revisions) and can be fixed alongside it. Possibly also related, if more tenuously, to MC-201246 and MC-216227.

      The bug

      Dyed terracotta still appears to be based on the pre-1.12 color scheme.

      While terracotta is meant to have a more reddish tinge than other dyed blocks, it's clear to see that, even ignoring the tinge in question, the colors of terracotta are still considerably different from other dyed blocks.

      How to reproduce

      • Build the setup as shown in the attachment below in 1.11.2. setup.png
      • Look at the setup you just built.
      • Take note of how the colors of the two blocks are similar and have the same color scheme.
      • Rebuild an identical setup in the current version of the game.
      • Look at the setup you just built.
      • →  Notice how the colors of the two blocks are not similar, therefore indicating terracotta still uses the pre-1.12 color scheme.

      Expected results

      The expected behavior would be that terracotta would have a more consistent color scheme with other dyed blocks, while still maintaining a reddish tinge.

      Actual results

      Terracotta is still based on dye colors as they were prior to 1.12, making these textures outdated as a result (and as such sharing the incorrectly used old color scheme with MC-214641 and MC-214643).

      How to fix

      Terracotta blocks should be retextured as to use the newer color scheme, while still maintaining the faint redness of terracotta. MC-161716 could be fixed alongside this incredibly easily.


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