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Custom biomes: count_multilayer decorator tries to place feature in invalid positions



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      count_multilayer decorator tries to place feature in invalid positions causing massive spam in console output

      Note that attached output has been modified in order to become uniform for any data pack and coordinates used. 

      Detected setBlock in a far chunk [x1, z1], pos: a{x=x2, y=y2, z=z2}, status: minecraft:features, currently generating: ResourceKey[minecraft:worldgen/configured_feature / namespace:feature_name]


      From my observations, this occurs in at least two scenarios, where one may be intentional, so I'm not including it here. The second one is mentioned in title. By the look of things, count_multilayer may try to place feature anywhere in given range. That is: in occupied space or in mid air. Features using this decorator by default are most likely hard-coded to generate only on top of a block so if one "not intended" tries to use it, it's getting thrown all around of the provided possible space.

      It makes so we're unable to use random_selector feature, range decorator and probably lots of other features and decorators with count_multilayer decorator.

      Whole issue was not a thing back in 1.16.5 or at least it wasn't said to us that this issue occurs.

      How to reproduce:

      download attached data pack
      start creating a new world
      load the data pack
      enter the nether and watch console output spamming "Detected setBlock in a far chunk" message in number of thousands.




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