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Lightning hitting a waxed copper block does not clean surrounding weathering copper blocks



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      The Bug

      Lightning (using /summon command) 'de-ages' the oxidized copper block it hits fully and also some surrounding blocks a few oxidization levels but that does not happen when the lightning hits a block that is waxed.

      Expected Result

      Lightning obviously would not de-age the waxed block itself but the non-waxed surrounding blocks should still be affected by it.

      Observed Result

      None of the blocks got de-aged, even though it did set fire on the surrounding blocks.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create 2 copper block testing areas. I'm using 7x7 ones.
      2. First test -  summon lightning by standing on the non-waxed block
      3. Notice that the block itself will fully de-age and some blocks around it will de-age some levels.
      4. Second test - Try summoning lightning by standing on a waxed block.

      5. Notice that the waxed block would not de-age (intended)  but any other blocks around it don't de-age either.

      These waxed blocks can also create a sort of occlusion (See Photo) where if you summon lightning on either side, the waxed copper blocks in the middle would not let the de-aging effect of lightning pass to the other side.

      Code analysis

      Code analysis can be found in this comment.


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