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Spawners and other mob spawns broken



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      For about 4 years, I have been building in one single player survival world on PS4 edition. It would be obvious I didn't want to just start from scratch after finally getting a new pc and buying mc for it. So, I had ported said survival world from PS4 to bedrock then to a realm and from pc, I downloaded the world from realm and converted the world to java so I could have my old world on the pc version of mc. It was a huge pain in the ass (and a little costly) but I was hoping it would pay off. However, after the conversion, I explored the world and saw my spawners have become pig spawners and do not spawn anything. As for my witch farm, even in the perimeter of the witch hut, it's not spawn reserved only to witches it's all other mobs now. Where my ocean monument was, it's not spawning guardians at all. Nothing has been changed since the conversion and everything was working just fine on PS4. I've researched heavily but got nowhere. Really hoping I can get some help here. I've spent a ton of money on this pc and I am very aggravated at this.




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