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Steven Silvester's name is misspelt in the credits


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      The bug

      Recently, MC-226700 was fixed, which is good, but I believe the wrong duplicate of Steven Silvester might have been removed. Before MC-226700 was fixed, the credits listed both Steven Silvester and Steve Silverster, even though they are probably the same person. This was fixed by removing Steven Silvester. However, today when I was verifying the fix of MC-226700, I decided to look up both Steven Silvester and Steve Silverster to see which name is correct. I found a Twitter account and a LinkedIn account that both spell Steve's last name without the "r" in the middle. The LinkedIn account includes the "n" at the end of Steve's first name, and the Twitter account omits this "n", so this implies to me that Steve uses "Steven" in formal situations and "Steve" in casual situations. (I did not find any accounts for Steve Silverster.)

      To reproduce

      1. Either watch the credits until you see "Steve Silverster" or just open credits.json and run a search for "Steve Silverster". Observe the "r" in the middle of the last name.
      2. View the provided Twitter account and LinkedIn account. Observe that both accounts claim to belong to the co-founder of Skybox, and that both accounts do not have an "r" in the middle of the last name.

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