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Pointed Dripstone is not counted as "below water" when directly below a waterlogged block


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      When you place a pointed dripstone on a block below water, then it will drip more and fill cauldrons. When you do the same thing, but swap out the water for a waterlogged block, then the same thing will happen. However, if you place a pointed dripstone on a waterlogged block directly, it will treat it at there is no water above it, because it only checks for water two blocks above it. instead of checking if there is water 1 block above as well.

      What I expected to happen was:

      • The pointed dripstone would treat the waterlogged block 1 block above it the same as it would treat water 2 blocks above it

      What actually happened was:

      • The pointed dripstone does not care about water 1 block above, even though the water is closer to it then 2 blocks above, which works

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Place a slab and a pointed dripstone below it
      2. Place a cauldron under the dripstone and waterlog the slab
      3. Set the random tick speed to a higher value (optional)
      4. Wait...

      Notice that the pointed dripstone is not filling up the cauldron

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