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The usage and punctuation of "Inc." and "LLC" are inconsistent in the credits


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      The bug

      In the credits, many company names are included in parentheses after employee names. However, whether or not "LLC"/"Inc." is included in the name of a particular company varies across different instances of the same company name. Additionally, when "LLC"/"Inc." is included, whether or not adjacent punctuation is used (like a preceding comma or subsequent period) is very inconsistent across different instances of the same company name.
      The below list of examples is very incomplete.

      • TEKsystems
        • Ying Guo's parenthetical company name says "(TEKsystems, Inc.)"
        • Linus Chan's parenthetical company name says "(TEKsystems Inc)"
        • Adrian Leon's parenthetical company name says "(TEKsystems)"
      • Insight Global
        • Lily Leblanc's parenthetical company name says "(Insight Global, Inc)"
        • William Harmon's parenthetical company name says "(Insight Global Inc)"

      Expected Behavior

      Every time the name of a particular company appears in the credits, it should look exactly the same as every other time the name of that particular company appears in the credits.

      To reproduce

      Either watch the credits and look for the above examples, or just open credits.json and run searches for the names in the above examples.

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