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Some people are listed twice in the credits


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      The bug

      Some people appear to be listed twice in the credits. This list might be incomplete.
      Exact Duplicates
      Sandra Bornemark, Roman Timurson (Insight Global Inc), Anders Martini, Dev Hazarika, Marie Stålkrantz, Matthew Dryden, Dan Parker (Insight Global Inc), Sebastian Polanica (Lionbridge), Nijat Aghamali (Lionbridge), Sandra Meister (Lionbridge), Adrianna Zalewska (Lionbridge), Blair Hitchens, Carsten Hooker, Chris Klassen, Cody Clattenburg, Daniel Shim, Glen Conolly, Ivan Yemelianov, Jake Roman-Barnes, Jonathan Yim, Jordan Lacey, Justin Moon, Kyle Roblin, Matheus Depra Gudergues, Max Fanning, Mitch Filmer, Reynald Brassard, Richard Hawkes, Richard Walker, Shaun Foley, Stefan Sarnev, Thiago Braga, Tim Bruecker, Ty Lauriente, Tyler Da Costa, Vivian Ortenzi, Allie Murdock, Barani Dharan (Virtuosity), Brogan Irwin (Virtuosity), John Estess (Randstad)
      Inexact Duplicates

      • Steve Silverster and Steven Silvester are listed next to each other, but they might actually be the same person (under the "Development Partner: Skybox" section).
      • Brian Canning (Experis) is listed once with " – Test Manager, Tempe (Alumni" appended to his name and another time without that appended to his name. (See also MC-226692.)

      To reproduce

      Either watch the credits until you see the affected names, or just open credits.json and run a search for the affected names.

            nighter [Mojang] Adrian Östergård
            pine1needle [Helper] pine1needle
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