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Jawi-exclusive characters don't connect with the normal Arabic characters



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      While working on a Jawi translation project, I found out about this when testing

      Now that Malay with Arabic script (Jawi) is in the game, the statement above is no longer relevant...


      The Bug

      The characters only available in Jawi, which is "چ", "ڠ", "ڤ", "ݢ", "ۏ", "ک" and "ڽ", doesn't connected with the normal Arabic characters


      Example 1 ("چ", "ڤ"," ڠ", "ڽ")

      • "چاري، ڤلاين، بردڠوڠ، ڽاوا" rendering as "چ‌ـاري، ڤ‌ـلاين، بردڠ‌ـوڠ، ڽ‌ـاوا"


      Example 2 (ۏ)

      •   "سيۏا" rendering as "سيـ‌ۏـا" (+ an error, since the ۏ shouldn't connect with the ا after it)


      Example 3 (ݢ)

      • "ݢڠݢم" rendering as "ݢ‌ڠ‌ݢ‌ـم"


      Example 4 (ک)

      • "کوچيڠ" rendering as "ک‌وچ‌ـيـ‌ڠ"


      Example 5 (ڬ)*

      • "كڬرمن" rendering as "کـڬ‌رمن"

      *in Jawi script we don't usually use the arabic form of the letter ك and ڬ, but use its own form which is ک and ݢ, but it would be nice to see this also be fixed as well


      Example 6 (Chat Preview)

      Just thought I should show the bug with the new chat preview feature

      (and yes, the texts in chat is written from left to right, instead of right to left, I might make a bug report about this issue)

      Reproduction Steps

      1. Copy "چاري، ڤلاين، بردڠوڠ، ڽاوا" | "سيۏا" | "ݢڠݢم" | "کوچيڠ" | "كڬرمن"
      2. Paste it into the Minecraft chat

                     The Jawi characters doesn't connect to the other characters

                          ("چ‌ـاري، ڤ‌ـلاين، بردڠ‌ـوڠ، ڽ‌ـاوا" | "سيـ‌ۏـا" | "ݢ‌ڠ‌ݢ‌ـم" | "ک‌وچ‌ـيـ‌ڠ" | "کـڬ‌رمن")

      I know that Jawi hasn't been officially supported yet, but it would be nice to see this get fixed

      Now that Jawi has been supported officially, I really hoped this would get fixed soon... But who knows I guess...


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