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Burning entity sound repeats every tick


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      The bug

      When an entity burns (e.g. an arrow or item), its health is decreased by 4 (out of total 5), then gets destroyed on the next tick upon a second round of damage. However, the extinguishing sound plays twice quickly, suggesting that items in lava play the sound every tick regardless if they are about to break or not.

      Steps to reproduce

      Arrows (Fixed in 1.17 Pre-Release 2)

      1. Shoot an arrow inside of lava
        The burning sound repeats for as long as the arrow exists.


      1. Obtain a Repeating Command Block
      2. Paste the following command in its field, and activate it: 
        /execute as @e[type=item] run data merge entity @s {Health:50s}
      1. Obtain a lava bucket, sign, and empty bucket
      2. Place the lava
      3. Place the sign next to the lava
      4. Throw the sign in your inventory onto the placed sign
      5. Break the placed sign
      6. Hold the empty bucket
      7. Wait for the lava to spread onto the sign
      8. Pick up the lava

      Here, the item burning sound will play every tick, instead of when the item dies.

      Video Example


      See also MC-225204 and MC-225431

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