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Closing the inventory in creative mode while having an item on the cursor turns it into a ghost item


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      The bug

      When you have an item on the cursor in the inventory in creative mode and close the inventory, the item will go back into the inventory, which is intended per MC-224946, however it turns it into a ghost item. Looks like MC-87935 was only fixed on client side, because the item will only exist on client side. May also be related to MC-199643.

      How to reproduce:

      1. Make sure to be in creative mode
      2. Open your inventory
      3. Click onto any item so that you have it on your mouse (I recomment to take a block)
      4. Close the UI
        That item is a ghost item. If you try to place the block it instantly disappears.

            Karaoglu [Mojang] Nilay Karaoglu
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