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Shooting flame bow at powder snow behaves differently if you're inside it


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      Apologies for vague title. 


      Firing a flaming arrow towards a powdered snow block while outside of it will break it but not extinguish the arrow, and firing a flaming arrow inside of a snow block will extinguish the arrow but the powered snow block will remain.


      Firing a flaming arrow towards a block of powdered snow should both break the block and extinguish the arrow (similar to armor stands), and firing a flaming arrowing inside of a snow block will produce the same effect as firing outside of a powdered snow block

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Place a powdered snow block
      2. Shoot an arrow inside of the powdered snow block using a flame bow
      3. Shoot an arrow towards the powdered snow block from outside of it.

      -->  Flame arrow will have varying effects.



      In this demonstration I used flame arrows, however any mob spawned within powdered snow will burn and get put out by the powder snow, but the powder snow will remain unbroken. This contrasts to mobs that walk into powdered snow, who get extinguished by the powdered snow but consume it as well.

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