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When Riding Pigs And Using The Carrot On A Stick Causes Breaks In Momentum



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    • Affects Version/s: 1.16.5
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      Recently I have been experimenting with riding pigs and slime block droppers. I have found two related issues with momentum. First of all, when riding a pig with carrot on a stick in hand, the vertical momentum retained upon bouncing off of slime blocks from a height is less than a player, unridden pig, or pig that is being ridden without a carrot on a stick's retained vertical height. If you have a carrot on a stick in hand, you don't bounce up as high as any instance in which you don't, and are falling from the same height. Second, switching between a carrot on a stick to any other item in ones hand while falling will cause a complete and visible break in momentum, further shown with the height gained after bouncing off slime blocks. It is correct that horizontal momentum should be stopped, the pigs should stop trying to move in the direction the player is facing, but it should not break its fall. It should be noted that in both cases fall damage on a non-slime block block is the same as otherwise, but the momentum off of a slime block changes, and the visual breaks in the second issue are jarring. I tested this in a large chamber of at least 50 blocks of height with a slime block floor in most instances. In regard to fall damage taken I used attributes to increase each pig's maximum health. This has been tested in both a multiplayer and single player world.




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