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Mobs attempt to pathfind out of powder snow


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      The bug

      Mobs will attempt to jump up a one-block step (if they have a path to a target) even if they are inside powder snow.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Set up an area as per the screenshot
      2. Spawn a zombie in the powder snow

      You can also use the provided .nbt structure file to quickly set up an area to reproduce this bug in. The file goes in <INSTALLATION FOLDER>/saves/<WORLD FOLDER>/generated/<NAMESPACE>/structures (chose a custom namespace or use minecraft). Load it as normal using a structure block - set the Structure Name to minecraft:powder_snow_pathfinding, replacing minecraft with your namespace. Remember to set "Include Entities" to ON!
      Note: the structure file is outdated - you now have to place a block to give the zombie a valid path to the villager

      Observed behaviour

      The zombie attempts to exit the powder snow

      Expected behaviour

      The zombie would not attempt to pathfind out of the powder snow, as it cannot jump over the block


      The setup to reproduce his bug:

      The bug in action:

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