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Goats have duplicated sound ids


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    • 21w15a
    • 21w13a, 21w14a
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      The goats added in 21w13a have a duplicated sound ids for the milking, hurt, and death sounds.

      There is a normal variant and a screaming variant which both produce the exact same set of sounds. So there is no reason to have two different name spaces for the same sound when there will not be a difference between them. You can test this with the milking sound by running:

      /playsound minecraft:entity.goat.milk ambient @p

      and the duplicated id for the milking sound is:

      /playsound minecraft:entity.goat.screaming.milk ambient @p

      After you play both of them a couple times it becomes apparent that the sound pools are identical. If there is not plan to add more special sounds there should only be one namespace for the for each instance of the following sounds.

      • minecraft:entity.goat.milk is duplicated by minecraft:entity.goat.screaming.milk
      • minecraft:entity.goat.hurt is duplicated by minecraft:entity.goat.screaming.hurt
      • minecraft:entity.goat.death is duplicated by minecraft:entity.goat.screaming.death

      You can test them by replacing the namespaces in the commands above.

      Edit 4/1/2021:

      The report now includes the hurt and death sounds since they are both duplicated as well. Thanks to @Orbic for pointing this out.

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