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Shader compilation slows or fails the more asterisks are in a multiline comment


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      Currently playing with shaders/include/light.glsl for a pack I want to release.

      Tried adding a "Made by: " multiline comment with a lot of *'s for style. Caused shader compilation to fail every time, or just straight up crash the game.

      This does not occur with traditional // Single line comments.

      My only guess is that this has to do with #moj_import? I haven't tried it with other shaders yet.

      * Add me to an include shader to slow resource pack loading to a crawl!
      * :)
      * :|
      * :(
      * :((((((((((((((
      ** This has a 25% Chance of actually just outright crashing the
      ** the game on F3+T reload, and 75% chance of failing resource
      ** pack loading. Which will reset every pack you had set to be
      ** not set. That's annoying. Really *really* annoying.
      ** I spent 2 hours on this problem. I really wanted to include the
      ** ASCII art of my birthday coyote too!
      ** ;-;
      ** Though really, I don't think the ASCII art helped either. It had
      ** a lot of *'s too.

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