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Fishing line only starts on half distance between the fishing rod and bobber (Apple M1 only)


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    • 21w11a, 21w17a
    • 21w10a, 21w14a, 21w15a, 21w16a
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    • Apple M1 – 4.1 Metal – 71.0.7
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      The bug

      A cast fishing line is rendered much further from the fishing rod, while in first person view, than it was in previous versions. In 21w08b, a player casting a fishing line could expect to see it very close to the fishing rod item in their hand, regardless of the distance between the player and the fishing hook:

      In 21w10a, however, the distance between the fishing line and the fishing rod is much greater. This is much more noticeable when the fishing line is longer:

      How to reproduce

      1. Cast a fishing line in 21w16a, while in first person view
        The line is much further than it was in previous versions from the rod

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