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Eye of ender doesnt point toward correct y-level of stronghold



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      The bug

      In past versions, eyes of ender always seem to point toward a position that is close (within about 16 blocks) to the stronghold. (In my experiments in 1.16.5, the eye always leads toward a position with y-coordinate of 30, and that is always near where the starting staircase of the stronghold is.)

      With the recent expansion of the world to include negative y-coordinates, strongholds can generate lower than in previous versions. However the eye of ender still always leads to a point with y-value of around 30.

      Example seed

      Version: 1.18

      Seed: 12345
      /tp -14120 ~ 1592

      At these coordinates, a stronghold generates entirely below y=0 . However when you throw an eye of ender at any coordinate below y=30, it will still travel up.

      To reproduce

      1. /locate stronghold
      1. Teleport to the stronghold.
      2. /give @s minecraft:repeating_command_block
      1. Put the following command into the repeating command block:
        execute at @e[type=minecraft:eye_of_ender,limit=1,sort=nearest] run fill ~-5 ~-5 ~-5 ~5 ~5 ~5 air replace #minecraft:base_stone_overworld
      1. Repeatedly throw eyes of ender and follow them until they hover over a fixed position. Observe that the y-level of the fixed position is approximately 30.
      2. Enter spectator mode and look around for the stronghold. It's likely that the stronghold is dozens of blocks below where the eye of ender stopped.

      Expected behavior

      The final destination of the eye of ender is always near part of the stronghold.

      Observed behavior

      Often the stronghold is dozens of blocks below the final destination of the eye of ender.


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